Auto Appraisals

Lock in your Car’s true market Value

Let’s say you own a custom, classic, or collector car. Odds are its a reflection of a life well-lived or possibly a winter spent in your garage, underneath the car!

But what is its true market value? 

Insurance companies understand normal, everyday cars because that’s what normal, everyday people drive. They have no idea how to value your 30-year-old classic, or the hot rod you’ve been working on for the last five years.

That’s where we come in.

Oceanside Auto Appraisers is owned and operated by David Sampson, located in Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island, BC. 

Dave has spent the past twenty years restoring examples of the world’s great cars. He understands the cost, the time, the effort – the love – that you’ve put into your project because he’s done it too. Dave’s hands-on experience makes all the difference to determining the true market value.

At Oceanside Auto Appraisers, we don’t just like cars, we live them.

Need more info?

Full appraisal and valuation

Oceanside Auto Appraisers provides full appraisal and valuation services for owners of classic, custom, or collector cars. We have extensive experience with custom rods, muscle cars, and exotics from America, Europe, or Japan.

As trained appraisers of collectable and specialty vehicles, we determine the true market value of your vehicle from data collected from numerous industry sources, books, the internet, from auctions and from sales by dealers and private owners. We spend time researching the history of your car, digging deep to find out any information to help your appraisal truly reflect the value of your car.  

We deliver the most modern, digital, and comprehensive appraisal on the market so you can see and understand how the values were created for your vehicle. In addition, your report includes professional-quality digital photographs to back up your appraisal.

Using established and industry-accepted formats, we calculate the true market value for any vehicle no matter how rare or unique it is.

Now available: e-Appraisal!

We are proud and excited to introduce our new E-Appraisals, which will let you complete the appraisal process from the comfort of your own home easily and quickly on your computer, phone, or other internet device.

Just take the specified pictures of your car, fill out the online form, and your appraisal will be ready in 2-3 days.

Insurance Appraisal

Remember:  “it’s your responsibility to show your insurance company the Current Market Value of your vehicle if you want it insured correctly.”

  • This report is used to provide a Current Market Value for your collector or modified vehicle to ICBC or other insurance organization. This is very important if you have invested in the vehicle.
  • Our report is in a recognised format for insurance use.
  • It verifies the authenticity of the vehicle.
  • It provides a third-party appraisal of the condition of the vehicle.
  • The pictures are used for verification of the vehicle’s condition.
  • The report can be used for ICBC collector application.
  • It can also be used in court or to gain finance.

Pre-purchase appraisal

Used by anyone looking to purchase a collector/specialty vehicle. We get many calls from US clients looking to buy a car for sale in BC. They find it cost effective to pay for an inspection of this type, rather than traveling to view the car.

  • Car is road tested and the Market Value based on condition, vehicle authenticated.
  • Pictures used to show condition, top side/under, engine, trunk, and interior.
  • Video can be used to show the car running.
  • If required, a mechanical survey can be provided by a licensed technician (extra cost).

Choose your Package

Our various appraisal packages are recognized by all major insurance companies, auction houses, and museums, and include:

  • Detailed record of every aspect of your vehicle: body and paint, mechanical, suspension, brakes, all recent upgrades/ changes/ repairs.
  • VIN verification and decoding, if available.
  • Vehicle Provenance noted as provided by you.
  • Valuation certificate as required by insurance companies.
  • All completed appraisals emailed directly to your inbox.