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We are the #1 specialty car appraiser on Vancouver Island and have been for the past 15 years.

For us, it’s all about the cars.  We appraise collector cars, vintage cars, specialty cars. Cars that are customized or modified, restomods, damaged vehicles, motorbikes, and trucks.

Our reports are recognised by ICBC and all insurance providers in Western Canada. Our services are precise, professional, and meet all current standards and have gained the respect of many high-profile collectors.


An honest and true appraisal, I congratulate you on the thoroughness of the reports. I am so grateful for your assistance.
S. Smart. ('58 Bentley S1 Continental)

Thanks for the appraisal Dave, it was thorough and well done. I would be glad to forward your name without reservation
K. Fox ('68 Dart GTS)”

My cars span the spectrum of the collector car hobby. After having 7 of my cars appraised by you I am very impressed by your breadth of knowledge, research and the very thorough and fair evaluations you made on my vehicles. Thanks Dave."

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