Motorcycles Mean Freedom

Protect your ride

Motorcycles mean freedom: just you, your bike, and the open road. But that freedom can be quickly cut off if your insurer undervalues your machine.

This isn’t new. Insurance companies have always struggled to put the right value on motorcycles that are anything but stock and brand new from a dealer. Everything you’ve put into your machine means that its market value is well beyond any “book value”, leaving you out-of-pocket and off the road.

Show your insurer the correct market value for your machine with Oceanside motorcycle appraisals.

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Full market value with upgrades

Deciding to have your motorcycle appraisal done by Oceanside means you’ll get an accurate market value for your ride — and one that’s recognized by your insurance company.

Your appraisal report incudes everything you’ve changed, modified, or added to your bike – even your safety riding gear.

Now available: e-Appraisal!

We are proud and excited to introduce our new E-Appraisals for motorcycle appraisals, which will let you complete the appraisal process from the comfort of your own home easily and quickly on your computer, phone, or other internet device.

Just take the specified pictures of your motorcycle, fill out the online form, and your appraisal will be ready in 2-3 days.

Expert motorcycle appraisals

Trusted by riders and insurers for over 15 years, Oceanside is the island’s expert motorcycle appraiser, with experience from sidecar combinations to sport bikes, trikes and cruisers, and even one-off customs.

Oceanside Auto Appraisers is owned and operated by David Sampson, located in Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island, BC. 

Book your motorcycle appraisal today. We offer a special rate for clubs and groups.