Restoration Appraisals

Restoration Appraisals to protect your investment

You’ve scoured high and low and found the perfect car.  You’ve hauled it back to your workshop and now it sits, waiting for you to invest time and money to restore it to it’s former glory.

It’s a large investment, but you’re ready to make it because you can see the finished car in your mind’s eye; you can feel what it will be like to drive this beauty around and show it off. It’s that vision that keeps you going during the long restoration.

During that process, remember to protect yourself and your investment. Often, insurance companies will only cover so much of an incomplete car during restoration without proof of its current condition and the investment to-date.

So, how do you protect yourself?  With restoration appraisals designed specifically for cars like yours. 

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Pre-restoration Appraisals

Many owners who have “been there — done that” (that is, restored a vehicle previously) are keenly aware how easy it is to overspend their budget.

Oceanside Auto Appraisers offers a pre-restoration appraisal that tells you what the market value of the car would be once you complete the restoration to “good car show” or “excellent standard”.

This gives you a financial target or benchmark to guide your restoration budget so you don’t over-invest and can make sound financial decisions during the work. 

Mid-restoration Appraisal​

Picture your workshop part-way through the restoration of your car.

You’ve already put many hours into its reconstruction:  it might already be partially restored and even painted.  All the new driveline components and interior parts might be spread around the shop, waiting to be installed.

At this point, your insurance company considers the car incomplete and a non-runner and would not cover your investment in the case of fire or theft.

Specialty insurance companies like Hagerty will provide a garage policy but that needs to be kept up to date, and ICBC only offer a storage policy intended for winter storage.

A mid-restoration appraisal might be the only way to prove to the insurance company how much of the build is complete and how much you’ve invested up to that point.

Talk to us about your restoration project and we can advise you on the best way to protect your investment.