online E-Appraisals

E-Appraisals: Easy and convenient

We know you need your insurance-company-recognized appraisal — and we also know you’d like to save time and money to get it done.

Our new affordable E-Appraisals service makes it easy and more convenient for you to submit your appraisal data quickly from the comfort of your own home.

With our new E-Appraisals service:

  • There’s no travel to get an appraisal.
  • There’s no waiting for us to come to your area. 
  • You save money on an affordable appraisal.
  • You don’t spend gas money driving to an in-person assessment.
  • We can provide expert appraisal service anywhere in Canada.
  • All this for $209.00 per vehicle/motorcycle plus applicable taxes.

Start your e-Appraisal

What you need to get started:

Take digital photos of your vehicle or motorcycle and your ICBC form:

On the next page:

1- Fill out the vehicle data form

2- Upload the digital photos

That’s it! Easy-Peasy… so let’s get started!

An Easy process you can follow at home

Just get on your computer, follow the simple instructions, and you’ll get a qualified Oceanside Online Auto Appraisal in just a couple of days. 

We’ll ask you for photos and details of your vehicle, which you’ll easily submit through your computer or smartphone/tablet. And, payment for E-Appraisals can be made easily and conveniently online at the same time as you submit your data.

Once you’ve completed the data, photo, and payment submission, we’ll complete the evaluation and email the appraisal to you with market valuation for insurance companies, for an accurate value for selling, or for personal needs.

You also have a choice of receiving the finished appraisal on a USB thumb drive for a small additional cost.

Lawyers, trustees, insurance companies, or banks needing to establish a fair market value for a vehicle can use the E-Appraisal for your daily-driven vehicle. But please note that this does NOT include depreciated loss appraisal of a vehicle.

For your classic car: the collector Car E-valuation

Your Classic car is your heart and soul. You’ve invested your time and money into this treasured beast of a car.

Now, make sure that you have accurate and verifiable proof of its current market value.

With the Classic Car E-valuation you can easily and quickly get your professional appraisal from the comfort of your own home.

This appraisal is for ‘Collector’ or ‘Declared Value’ insurance policies, for financial and legacy planning.

Our e-services are available to car-lovers all across Canada. Please note that this evaluation does not include Depreciated Loss Appraisal of your vehicle.

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