How to book an ad listing

Booking your ad listing is quick and easy.  Please read the brief instructions and fill out the form opposite.

By advertising your vehicle on, you have access to all the car enthusiasts that visit our site — just the kind of people who will be interested in what you have to offer.

Our ad pages have plenty of room for all the details you’d like to share, including car stats, flattering photographs, and as much of the car’s back story you want to tell.

To book an ad, just follow these steps:

  1. Complete the form and click on the SUBMIT button to send your vehicle’s key details to our office.
  2. Make the payment either online (below) or in person when we come to your location (only $149 for eight full weeks of advertising).
  3. We’ll contact you for further details, to arrange for a Current Market Value Appraisal (this provides an accurate verifiable value for your car}, and for photographs for the ad.

A current Market Value appraisal will provide you with an accurate and verifiable selling price to ensure a quick sale and that you do not undersell the vehicle.

Good photographs are key in communicating the excitement of your car. Our appraiser will take high-quality photos of the vehicle so that buyers have all the information they need to act quickly. 

Be sure that the data you send us is complete and correct.  Since the vehicle information is coming from you, the seller, we cannot be responsible for mis-represented vehicles or incorrect information. 

Price negotiations and payment occurs directly between you and the prospective buyers. Oceanside Auto Appraisers is offering an online advertising service only.

Please fill out this form as these details will be required to assemble your ad.  We’ll be in touch to arrange for your appraisal, photographs, and other details.